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Touch Blue specialises in providing telecommunications solutions tailored to the needs of hospitals, long term care facilities, medical offices and other healthcare sectors.

Touch Blue can provide your practice or hospital with a quality business telecoms solution that is guaranteed to make communication with staff and patients a thing of ease:

•    Improve patient experience at peak times
•    Improve internal and external communications and provides greater flexibility
•    Handle calls efficiently, even out of hours

Improve staff productivity, simplify call handling
Direct inbound calls to the correct destination and provide on-hold music and information through an auto attendant. The service can even route specific enquiries to the member of staff responsible for handling them. Switch between in and out of hours modes and advise patients on the best course of action to take if, for example, the surgery is closed. Headsets can be used to improve the efficiency of administrative staff, giving them freedom to multi-task. Quickly retrieve patient records – contact information can be uploaded to a caller identification program that works in conjunction with your phone system.

Unprecedented support
Our dedicated staff at Touch Blue are available to quickly rectify any issues you may have with your solution.

Proven continuity
In the event of an emergency or unseen event, our inbound call management service comes with a customised disaster recovery plan that can be used to divert calls to any number(s). Backup system - It’s important that health centres are never out of contact; if IP telephony or VoIP systems are used and a broadband issue occurs, Touch Blue can install a backup traditional ISDN line to which calls are automatically diverted if the main number is unreachable.

Ensure your staff are never out of contact
For large practices and hospitals, cordless DECT phones for mobile staff to ensure they are never out of contact. Speed dial numbers can be allocated to telephone systems to quickly alert the correct individual or department in the event of an emergency. A hospital having the surgical department as a quick dial number in the A&E department is an example of this. We can allocate each member of staff a voicemail box that can be quickly retrieved from any phone so they never miss important messages, even when unavailable.


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