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A solution from Touch Blue allows educational establishments to further communications efficiencies by supplying future-proof, industry leading phone system.

Improve efficiency and increase staff coordination in schools, colleges and universities
The role of technology in education has grown significantly over the years. Educational establishments are quick to employ technological advancements that aid efficiency and enhance learning, for staff and students alike.

Improved call management
An auto attendant feature helps your staff prioritise their workload during peak times; directing non-essential calls to an answerphone. For example: Absence calls can be diverted to an answerphone, where parents can leave their child's details and expected return date. Once the busy period is over, the school administrator can recall the messages and record the information.

Efficient communication, increased coordination
Phones can be placed in every classroom or in strategic places. These phones can be used for easy internal or external communication and be assigned an individual DDI number for direct external contact.
Extensions increase coordination between staff for meetings, breaks or between classes. Booking facilities and IT support can also be arranged without hassle. Cordless DECT phones can be supplied to mobile staff such as IT technicians and P.E. teachers to ensure they are always in contact.

Safe, secure contact
All members of staff can have a voicemail service that can be accessed securely from any phone on site.
Call barring can be placed on classroom phones to stop unwanted calls being made and enable their use safely and securely. A pin entry system can be used by staff to over-ride the barring.
For quick use, or in the event of an emergency, numbers and extensions can be allocated a speed dial button. This allows quick communication both internally and externally. If there is a medical emergency, for example, staff can quickly alert the school nurse and the emergency services.

Bring your business closer through improved communications
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