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For more than 200 extensions

When looking for communication solutions for a large enterprise, we understand that there are many factors to consider.
As well as managing costs, there will be reliability, business continuity and security issues, as well as increasing environmental pressure to consider.

World Class Communications
We only provide communication solutions from industry leading brands with reputations for innovation, quality and reliability. Our enterprise solution from Avaya set the standard for flexible integrated communications for organisations of any size.

Multi-Site Solutions
Often a large enterprise will be operating in multiple locations and with significant numbers of flexible and mobile workers.
Here at Touch Blue we are experienced in delivering reliable, industry leading solutions that address all of these issues and help your business work smarter, more effectively and more reliably.

Choosing the Right Supplier
With over 25 years in business and a strong credit rating, you can count on Touch Blue to support your business now and for many years to come.
We are familiar with the tender process that is often required in the purchasing process of large enterprises and have the knowledge, skills and quality standards to meet all necessary requirements.

The Right Communications for Your Organisation
Making the right decision about your organisation’s communications is important. To help you make that decision we invite you to try the different telephone systems in our customer demonstration suite.

Call us to book a session for yourself and your colleagues with one of our communications advisers and make sure you make the right decision about your communications.

Talk to the experienced team at Touch Blue and let us help you decide on the best communications solutions for your organisation call us on 0345 812 3800.

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