Certified Partners

Whether you’re a small business trying to compete like a large enterprise or a large enterprise seeking the agility of a small business, Mitel delivers all-in-one communications, collaboration and contact centre solutions you can own or subscribe to so you can do more with less.


Throughout our long history of industry experience, innovation has been core to Mitel’s DNA – allowing them to become experts in evolving to meet customer’s needs and help you do the same for your customers. It’s why they’re the only company that wakes up every day exclusively focused on helping you take your communications from where they are today to where you – and your customers – need and expect them to be.

Key points

  • 4.7 million Cloud users worldwide
  • #1 market leader in total cloud seats worldwide
  • #1 in private cloud worldwide
  • #1 in UC market share for Europe
  • Over $1.3B in revenue
  • Over 1,600 patents & applications