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Support network

It is important to us that Customers experience a consistent service when receiving on-site support. For this reason we have our own team of employed full time Engineers based across the UK and we specifically aim to have an Engineer within 60-90 minutes of 95% of our client locations.

All Field support resources operate as part of the end to end approach initiated by the incident management process previously described. All Field support resources have mobile devices that allows real time updating of incidents and progress reporting so that we can deploy the quickest available resource, which isn’t always the closest.

Office locations (see map below)

Glasgow, Carlisle, Leeds, Bradford, Newcastle, Peterborough, Birmingham, Derby, Bristol, Newbury, London, Swindon

Regional Offices

Regional Office and Warehouse

Head Office and Warehouse
Units 6 and 7 Kingfisher Court
RG14 5SJ