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About Wildix

Touch Blue is in partnership with Wildix, the first 100% secure, professional, easy-to-use, web-based UC&C system. Wildix‘ aimed at small and medium- sized businesses and, since 2005, has been helping companies grow their businesses through UC&C.

By choosing the right UC&C system, companies can improve communications and significantly increase productivity. Wildix is the most complete system, integrating video conference, chat, and user presence. It offers a full range of Hardware equipment and Unified Communication products.

The Wildix system was designed to be easy to install and to manage with low maintenance costs. Wildix system is a complete and scalable solution for companies that need to upgrade their communication tools by introducing such features as video conference, chat and users presence, and at the same time, reducing operating costs.


Benefits of Wildix solution:


Low maintenance costs

Easy to install and manage


Complete and scalable

How Touch Blue can help to your business?

Touch Blue is in partnership with Wildix, meaning we are certified to provide all of their products for your business. Contact us to find more information on how we can help your business.

Why you need a Cloud-based system today

Collaborate, share and be the fastest and easiest to reach in your market. That’s the magic of Wildix powered by WebRTC. Choose the Wildix Cloud Communications Platform.

Advantages for your business with Wildix

Advantages Wildix-01


Wildix is the only PBX system that allows web visitors to call you, start a text or video chat, share documents , and more…directly from your website.

Advantages Wildix-02


Wildix offers a tool that is always up to date, intuitive and easy to use, which allows you to increase productivity and cut the costs of a traditional PBX.

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Wildix is secure by design, which means it doesn't need external BCS or VPNS: voice and data are always protected because it is created with a native encryption system.

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to discuss how Wildix solution can help your business grow and increase sales

Browser-based UC&C

User-friendly software: An engaging user experience for businesses and customers.

WebRTC Kite

The first WebRTC solution fully integrated into a UC platform: Offer the best customer service over the web.

Complete Hardware Infrastructure

The Complete Hardware solution: The best choice for System Integrators and IT manager.

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Wildix smart working

The Wildix Smart Working Solution

With the Wildix work from home solution, you and your team can go back to communicating and collaborating over projects instantly, working from home with all the efficiency and presence of being in the office. It’s the Magic of the Wildix Videoconferencing.

Videoconference Features:
– Videoconference from anywhere you are
– WebRTC Technology
– Chrome OS for the maximum security
– Internal and External participants
– Hardware devices available

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