Most of the businesses use telephone numbers starting from 01 or 02. But did you know that you can choose to use a “non-geographical” phone number?

The telephone provider can supply you with a “non-geographical” phone number as a part of a VoIP system together with some added features. Your default phone system could be an office phone, but at the time when you are out of the office, it can be your mobile phone. The flexibility of call routing is one of the great features of the VoIP system. When you get problems on the lines, it`s easy to immediately transfer calls elsewhere. Sometimes, it can be easy to get some additional features, like call recording or voice mail, if you have a non-geographical telephone number. There are different types of non-geographical phone number:

  1. Freephone number

They usually start from “0800” and free to call from any landline or mobile. It`s can be useful for customer service, mass marketing or a new business establishment. Customers appreciate free communication, so they are likely to call you back.

  1. Local phone numbers

They usually start from “0845” or “0844”, and have a low cost (about 7p per minute). You can use it if you would like to keep the cost low, but don`t want to provide a free phone line. This can be useful for advice or request lines.

  1. UK number

UK-wide numbers start from “03” or “0345”, and cost the same. The downside can be if the customer is calling from mobile phone – it would cost a lot more. In this situation is better to switch to the free line.

  1. National number

The number starting from “0870” or “0871” would be a national number. They cost a national rate and played by a caller, which means they can bring income for your company. You can use a national number for support lines, out of office hours or diverting the calls to mobile phones. The cost of the calls will pay for the provided services.

  1. Premium numbers

They start from “09” and have a very high rate – up to £4 per minute, plus the access charge. Premium numbers usually are used for the lotteries or competitions.

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