When you start looking for a telephone system that will suit your business requirements, you find a lot of telecoms “acronyms” or “lingo”. To make things easier for our customers, we would like to explain the basic words in telecommunications.

VoIP – means the “Voice over Internet Protocol”. It`s a telephone system that transmits the calls through the Internet. VoIP doesn`t rely on physical infrastructure, which makes it more flexible, scalable, and cheaper.

SIP – stands for “Session Initiation Protocol”, and can be explained as a language that VoIP devices are using to communicate.

PBX – means “Private Branch Exchange”. PBX systems are used for incoming and outgoing calls and can be both software and hardware.

PSTN – stands for Public Switched Telephone Network. This system allows getting calls from all around the world, even if using different devices.

ISP – means “Internet Telephony Service Provider”. It`s an Internet service provider for VoIP systems.

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