It’s not a necessary requirement anymore for the company to have a maintenance contract, however, it’s a peace of mind for the business, no matter its scale. A Maintenance contract from your telephony provider can help you to cut future costs by a quick response to the existing faults and errors.

What is a maintenance contract?

The telephone system maintenance agreement is a contract signed by you and your telephony provider, which includes terms and conditions for keeping your telephone system healthy. They detail things like restrictions, prices, payments, duration, obligations and service fees.

The agreement is usually made when a new telephone system is installed or an old one is seriously upgraded.

The importance of the business

There are different options of contracts to choose from, however, it can always be tailored specially for your business. There are certain points that should be covered for any business:

– All kinds of faults related to equipment, and software’s, that maintenance engineers are available to repair;

– Response times depending on the seriousness of the fault – minor, major, or emergency;

– Upgrading the company’s old equipment to a newer one;

– Any software upgrades and remote programming;

– Extra charges and extra expense scenarios;

Maintenance contract from Touch Blue 

Touch Blue can provide a fully comprehensive on-site maintenance contract and we have a wealth of experience and a national portfolio that covers everything from site assessment, training and tailored preventive maintenance agreements: a complete end-to-end solution and service coverage.

With communication being mission-critical, our clients experience a transparent service when it comes to onsite support. All of our engineers are employed directly by Touch Blue, so we do not have to rely on subcontractors or third parties. Our experienced field support team operates with mobile devices that allow real-time updating of incidents and progress reporting.

Contact us today via email at or call 0345 812 3800 to find out more about maintenance contracts from Touch Blue.