In the current situation, nearly every company has remote employees. If you asking yourself, how to stay productive while working from home, here are some tips for you.

1. Build a Permanent Work Space

The first step would be to set up your home office. You can choose the spare room, or put the desk in the living room. It has to be a quiet spot with no distractions as possible. Once you found your new office space, it’s easy to stick to the routine.

2. Maintain Regular Hours

Stick to your normal working hours if you would like to be productive. Enforce a hard limit at the end of the day. Distance yourself from work, so you don’t work nonstop.

3. Use a Planner/Project Management

App Get into the habit of using a planner or project management app. It will help you to keep track of all the projects, conference calls, and deadlines.

4. Invest in Quality Technology

You have to invest in the laptop, desktop, laptop, tablet, or phone system to be able to deliver a high quality service from home. The VoIP system will save you from many technology hassles.

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