Avaya Cloud Office delivers a rich set of features for your business communication solution. You’ll get everything you need in one complete system with one low price including voice, video, messaging/IM, online meetings and conferencing, multiple extensions, auto attendant, call forwarding, and more.

What is the Global Office feature?
By purchasing Avaya Cloud Office for your headquarters service can be extended to 40+ international locations with international DID phone numbers in over 100 countries. It enables businesses to seamlessly connect their global workforce with one secure integrated service. Users in all supported locations have a unified user experience. Note that customers must have a billing entity in one of the Avaya Cloud Office available countries in order to use the Global Office feature.

Can the features I want be purchased separately?
No. We include all the rich functionality and business features at one low monthly price, so you don’t have to pay per feature per user which results in more complexity, lower cost predictability, and higher cost. With Avaya cloud office you get a comprehensive communications solution that simply has all features available to you. All users in a given customer account must use the same user type (i.e. Essential, Standard, Premium, Ultimate). It is not possible to mix and match user types.

Can I make international calls?
Yes, you can. To activate international calling please contact Avaya Cloud Office customer service.

How do I retrieve my voice, fax, and text messages?

There are several convenient ways.

–  Using your Avaya Cloud Office mobile and desktop apps using simple clicks.

–  Messages can also be forwarded to your email or setup text notification.

–  In addition, you can access them through your online account, where all messages are saved.

What is heads-up display?
Head-up Display (HUD) is a feature that is ideal for receptionists and executive assistants. It allows users to view colleagues’ real-time presence, plus manage multiple incoming calls – including transferring calls, adding users to an existing call, and picking up calls on behalf of other colleagues.

Does Avaya Cloud Office allow audio conferencing?
Avaya Cloud Office offers unlimited audio conference call hosting and participation for all your users. Each of your users can host a conference call with up to 1000 attendees, with one-click invites.

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