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Why x-hoppers

The overarching focus on price meant e-commerce has become a major part of the retail experience, but some things it can’t replace: a great customized in-store experience and instant access to products.
Yet plenty of day-to-day issues hold shops back.

The solution is x-hoppers — the complete retail headset system that connects store associates and increases in-store conversions. x-hoppers connects all your shop’s employees on one broadcast channel to ensure your entire team can tackle problems as they arise, increasing sales, halving training time and reducing shrink. The x-hoppers system is versatile and offers multiple-use scenarios.

Deliver Better Service Through Connected Staff

Empower shop assistants to provide quick and personalized service that converts visitors into shoppers and shoppers into loyal customers.

Internal & external communication
The x-hoppers headset connects retail associates to a broadcast where they can tackle problems as they arise and even receive automated alerts and customer calls.

Instant buyer alerts via smart call points
Flexible, touch-free call points send instant alerts to your retail assistants each time a customer scans a QR code linked to in-store goods.

Predictive retail analytics
Track customer engagement with your products and take data-driven decisions based on how many times each QR code was scanned.

Boost Staff Skills with Al Assistance

Connect store associates to systems, colleagues and Wildix Al Coach so they can learn on the job and at their own pace, providing you with product experts in half the time.

Knowledge on demand
The Al Coach provides live answers to spoken questions, giving frontline workers instant access to accurate product knowledge from day one.

Integrate x-hoppers with store systems to send automatic alerts straight to the headsets from self-checkouts, CCTV or other in-store devices.

Omnichannel support
Customer engagement chats can connect website visitors to shop floor assistants, while full call reporting and contact center analytics allow you to track and manage interactions across omnichannel environments.

Instant Customer Alerts and Robust Retail Store Analytics

Answer inquiries, instantly

With x-hoppers, employees can contact colleagues right away to give customers accurate information on inventory, policies or any other request.

Immediate security alerts

When shop assistants are in constant communication, your store gets an instant security solution. Employees plugged into x‑hoppers can instantly report potential threats to maintain safety.

Unified customer support

If customers are causing issues, x‑hoppers allows employees to request help from dedicated staff or management.

Theft prevention & reporting

Amplify retail security systems with constant retail in-store communication. Using x‑hoppers, employees can report witnessed or suspected shoplifting right away.

AI-powered answers

When you have an AI Coach integrated into your x‑hoppers solution, you can drive training and support by having all the answers at your fingertips.

Call centers on your store floor

Calls to your store can be answered directly through x‑hoppers to let shop assistants act as customer service reps when needed.

Improve your in-store experience by leaps and bounds with:

35% increase in Sales

50% decrease in training time


up to 60% reduction in shrink

AI-powered analytics and transcriptions of conversations

Managers and supervisors need access to analytics and statistics to understand how to improve and streamline retail operations. Thanks to x‑hoppers’ built‑in analytics system, you can quickly discover who joined the broadcast channel on any specific day, the number of messages broadcast, who was speaking and for how long. Even better, conversations from the broadcast can be recorded, transcribed and stored for further analysis.

AI-powered analytics and transcriptions of conversations

Police records show that shoplifting offences in England and Wales have reached the highest level in two decades. In light of this concerning data, it is now more crucial than ever to be alerted in case of theft.

With the help of x-hoppers AI detective feature, you can reduce shrinkage by up to 60% and ensure the safety of your staff. The app allows you to send messages with location details to all interception points and provides video footage to measure the return on investment.

x-hoppers is the winner of Frost & Sulivan’s New Product Innovation Award (2023) and two consecutive Visionary Spotlight Awards for Best Emerging Technology Breakthrough (2022) and Overall Excellence (2023)

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