Touch Blue Limited’s installation is provided by our experienced technicians, who have detailed knowledge of the most up-to-date communications technologies. They understand the importance of correct installation and its impact on the overall performance and system life. A standards-compliant Touch Blue Limited’s installation by a certified contractor guarantees system performance, standards compliance, component, and installation quality. Even using the highest quality products and equipment, excessive cable lengths or bend radius limits will cause the system performance to suffer. Correct system design and equipment choice are therefore essential for optimum performance.

All our technicians operate a stringent Health and Safety Policy. Industry-standard Construction Design Management protocols governing the working of multi-trade sites are fully implemented.

Components are subject to a comprehensive testing program ensuring that the whole system is fully operational. Touch Blue Limited then submits all test results, including calibration certificates, to the manufacturers for warranty approval. Comprehensive testing documentation even includes the name and model of the tester used, so you may have complete confidence in the test results.

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