Touch Blue’s sectors include Retail, Education, Health, Industrial, Leisure, Office, Banking and Finance, Warehousing/Fulfilment.


The Retail sector is where Touch Blue began, more than three decades ago. We have rich experience in installing and supporting communication and network systems on the premises of major retailers across the country.


Advances in technology are ushering in a revolution of centuries-old protocols. For schools and higher education institutions communication isn’t simply about a phone system, it is about expanding the reach of knowledge in ways previously unimaginable, fostering collaboration inside and outside the classroom.


The Touch Blue team has extensive experience in installing and supporting communication and network systems on the premises of Pharmacies, GP Surgeries, Dental Surgeries, and Hospitals.


Touch Blue solutions for industry, turn communication systems into powerful business tools. Improved logistics and environmental protections, ensure better equipment uptime, and enhance personal safety.


Offering a first-class experience begins the moment a guest first connects with your business. Personalised service attracts and retains customers, turning visitors into loyal brand advocates and when it comes to digital transformation in leisure, communication is the key.


Telecommunication is an important tool for businesses. It enables companies to communicate effectively with customers and deliver high standards of customer service. It is also a key element in teamwork, allowing employees to collaborate easily from wherever they are located.


From banking to insurance, to accounting firms and stock brokers, there is a growing complexity to security and regulatory requirements in the Finance sector. These requirements often make it hard to give customers the reliable and instant ‘anywhere – anytime’ access they expect.


Touch Blue provides telecommunication services to the warehouse sector which requires expert knowledge in a changing and challenging trade. We have been able to call upon our extensive experience of installing and supporting systems in industrial operations when working in larger commercial premises including warehouses and distribution centres.