Touch Blue Limited has formed close partnerships with a number of major manufacturers and network providers. The benefit to our customers is that these partnerships enable us to secure the best trade discounts on equipment and also access the best technical experts within our partner organizations.

We have chosen partnerships with Avaya, Cisco, Mitel, Ascom, Norstar, and BT to name a few. Our comprehensive stock range, fast response times, and cost efficiency give us a competitive edge. We offer the satisfaction of speed, reliability, and service that the customer demands.


Touch Blue is an Authorised Partner of Avaya, the world’s leader in communications. Avaya delivers intelligent communication solutions that help companies transform their businesses to achieve marketplace advantage. Benefits include:

  • Offers value for money without compromising on quality
  • Increases productivity regardless of location – users can work anytime, anywhere
  • Makes businesses appear larger and more professional
  • Reduces costs – free inter-site calls, conferencing options, and advanced mobility solutions


After 30-plus years of connecting the UK & Ireland, Cisco helped accelerates the digital future. Nearly every Internet connection in the UK touches Cisco technology and they’re investing in projects across the nation to support innovation, from smart cities to transport, healthcare and manufacturing along with cyber-security and digital skills. The Cisco phone system is deployed on top of a secure, voice optimised data switching infrastructure. The switches have the capability to provide a secure, high-speed path that differentiates voice from data traffic and prioritises voice above other traffic in order to provide a high-quality phone system running over the data network.


Whether you’re a small business or a large enterprise, Mitel delivers all-in-one communications, collaboration, and contact center solutions to which you have the option of purchasing or subscribing.


Ascom is a global solutions provider focused on Healthcare ICT and mobile workflow solutions. Their vision is to close digital information gaps, allowing for the best possible decisions – anytime, anywhere. Ascom`s main focus is Healthcare. But they are also active in other demanding sectors, delivering productivity- and safety-enhancing solutions to companies, organizations, and institutions around the world.

Recognised as one of the authorised Network Order Points for BT, you can purchase a range of BT products and services through Touch Blue Limited.