National stop sell – the end of ISDN nears. By December 2025 all PSTN lines in the UK will be switched off, with companies that did not transition to digital solution being left without the service. This is according to the BT plan, which was announced in 2015/16. The alternative to the copper lines is a VoIP system, a solution that transmits calls and data using an internet connection. By the end of 2025, all business phone systems will become digital.

What does it mean for your business?

If your business still relies on PSTN-based telephone systems, now is the time to switch to VoIP. There are a lot of things to consider before switching and it will take time to find a telecom provider that fits your business requirements. The earlier preparation will ensure:

  • Your business will not get disrupted due to PSTN switching off
  • The new VoIP solution will fit your business needs
  • Your staff, suppliers, and customers will be supported during this phase

There are three stages of planning a migration to VoIP:

  1. Analyze your business communication system to understand your needs
  2. Determine which areas could be improved with a new telephone system
  3. Prepare hardware, staff, and customers for migration

There are some common mistakes to avoid:

  • Poor network performance leads new VoIP system to unstable work
  • Staff are not aware of the new system’s features and not using VoIP to the fullest; meanwhile, businesses are still paying money for this feature
  • Business disruption due to poor migration planning

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