Experience Communications as a Service by 8×8 brings customer and employee experience together with contact center, voice, video, chat, and APIs on one cloud-native platform.

The power of the 8×8 eXperience Communications Platform

As companies search for communications technology that bridges the employee and customer experience gaps, they find that an integrated platform provides the highest level of reliability and security, as well as the best overall value. The eXperience Communications Platform™ delivers the following key advantages:

Company-wide collaboration: The platform enables organizations to accelerate company-wide collaboration between back-office workers and integrate across frontline workers, contact center agents, receptionists, and other personas. Solving a customer’s problem often requires multiple people, and nothing is more frustrating to customers than being bounced from person to person and having to repeat information. 8×8 maintains context as the conversation passes from the agent to the specialist, leading to a better experience for all involved.

Unified administration: 8×8 offers scalable communications with unified administration—which is not available with a combination of best-of-breed solutions. That provides a single source for license management, managing user types, provisioning, and configuration. It also provides a single pane of glass for system monitoring and saves a significant amount of administrator time. With a multi-platform solution, an admin needs to configure and provision each user in each system, which leads to errors like misconfigurations. The eXperience Communications Platform™ streamlines this process through a single task. Adding new communication channels and scaling up or down becomes easy because you do not have to think about the impact on your existing infrastructure. With one cloud platform for contact center, telephony, video conferencing, and team messaging, it is incredibly quick for IT to add, move, or delete users due to having just one application to administer and maintain it all.

Single integration framework: One integration framework accelerates every employee and customer interaction workflow, allowing you to easily connect popular business and CRM apps and help your teams achieve new productivity levels without complexity or cost. You have just one integration with your core applications, whether that is CRM, collaboration endpoints like Microsoft Teams, or integration with core ERP systems of the organization.

Cross-platform AI and analytics: Intelligent cross-platform insights with real-time reporting, speech analytics, and unified journey analytics enable you to make better decisions across your employee and customer interaction channels.

Single point of accountability: Only 8×8 guarantees a 99.999% uptime SLA for all your communications, including high availability and superior quality globally. There is no finger-pointing and no gaps. 8×8’s industry-leading five-nines platform-wide SLA cannot be promised credibly in any two-vendor scenario.

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