Planning your Big Switch-Off can be a stressful job. The big date for PSTN lines switch-off is just around the corner. The closer we get to it; the more businesses start to be aware of the need to migrate to the VoIP telephone system. By December 2025, there won’t be much time for migration, as all the lines will be switched off, and businesses who relied on the PSTN lines won’t be able to function.

Do not leave it until the last minute, as a migration process takes time. What do you need to do now to protect your business communications?

  • Check the contract dates with your current provider.

To find out when you can switch to a Cloud-based solution, check your current contract. This will give you an idea of when you can start the migration process. If your contract is inspiring now, don’t just extend it – the earlier you start the migration process, the safe business communications will be in the future.

  • Test your network connection

As cloud telephony relies on the Internet connection, check that your broadband speed is strong and reliable. A poor connection can lead to unstable work of your future telephone system and not being able to use the latest features, such as video conference calls.

  • Analyse your current telephone system

Run a report of your current telephony to find areas, which could be improved. For example, if you need more extensions in the future due to business scaling up, or you would like some VoIP features to be added – such as video calls, live chat, CRM integration, etc.

  • Prepare your hardware

When upgrading to the future technology telephony, you most probably will need to replace your outdated hardware, such as handsets, headsets and, more. Don’t just buy any old equipment. There are a huge variety of modern options at the low-cost process, that can take your communication experience to another level.

  • Look for the right Cloud system

There are a lot of options on the market, but they might not all suit your business needs. Where one VoIP system fits medium and small businesses, the other is created for big enterprises and busy call centres. Luckily, Touch Blue can help you choose the best-tailored solution for your business needs. Call us to discuss what Touch Blue can offer you today. Alternatively, fill out the form below, and a member of our customer service team will come back to you!