What are the advantages & disadvantages of VoIP? The PSTN is being replaced by a new digital network called VoIP. The PSTN switch-off is scheduled to take place in the UK in December 2025. This means that businesses that currently use PSTN-based services, such as landlines and ISDN lines, will need to switch to a new digital solution by that date.

There are a lot of advantages and a few disadvantages to the digital VoIP system.


  1. Low cost 

The cost of services is one of the top priorities for every business. Companies are looking for every cost-saving opportunity to ease the pressure of the market. Switching to the VoIP system can be one of these opportunities.

Not only the installation and maintenance costs of VoIP system are much lower than traditional telephony, but the calling costs a recurring expense are much cheaper.

Also, there are indirect cost savings. They are a bit harder to identify but can be a game changer for every business.

One of the primal examples is savings with remote working. VoIP system lets employees stay connected thanks to the latest phone features, such as conference calls, instant messaging, video calling and much more. Cutting down on office space expenses and utility bills can make a huge difference for a business.

  1. Scalability

Scalability is one of the best VoIP features. Every business needs a telephone system that grows with the company, where ever it’s a change of location or increasing the number of staff. You don’t have to purchase additional lines or dedicated hardware, which also makes it more cost-effective.

  1. Advanced features

The VoIP system has all the latest modern technology features you require for your business communications. It can be tailored for your business accordingly, meaning you do not pay for the features you don’t need to use. There are a lot of useful features, such as video calling and conference meetings, call holding and forwarding, integration with CRM and other apps.


  • Depending on the Internet connection

Since VoIP uses an Internet connection for handling calls, businesses must be sure their network is reliable and secure. If your speed is low, particularly a download speed, the call quality can worsen or calls can be dropped.

  • Limited calls tracking

If your business reserving an emergency call, it’s hard to track a call, because of the VoIP portability. Calls received from IP addresses have no IP data and are impossible to track in emergency situations.

Looking at the advantages and disadvantages of the VoIP system, it’s clear that there are far more benefits to switching to VoIP now. If you have any question regarding the migration process, our team are happy to answer them! Please contact us via the form below or at  info@touchblue.co.uk