Working from home became a new normal for so many companies since 2020. Many people were unprepared and just went with the flow, but for a lot of workers a dream came true – no more commuting, early morning hours, spending time choosing outfits, etc. In 2023, staff are slowly coming back to the offices, but a lot of companies introduced hybrid work – a few days in the office and a few days at home, to maintain a healthy work/life balance. In these ever-changing circumstances, it is hard to stay productive. Here are some tips which can help you to stay on the path.

  • Stick to your working routine

When working from home, your day is typically more flexible than  when working in the office. But having a setup routine can bring a lot of positivity. It can make you feel more motivated and ready for the working day. Choose one thing you do before your typical working day in the office (having a cup of tea or putting make-up on), and stick to it.

  • Plan your day

Ahead of the day, plan your working time; ‘deep work time’ for hours when you are the most productive and ‘meeting time’ when your home is the quietest.

  • Create an effective workspace

One of the hardest things when working from home is to keep you away from distractions. Ideally, the home office should have a dedicated room, where you can switch off from the entire household and dedicate yourself to work. If you don’t have a spare room, at least a desk with an office chair can help you feel more organised and put you in the work mood.

Also, having professional office equipment will help you to stay more focused – a laptop, desktop, telephone handset, headset, planners, and wallboards for notes will help you organise your home office routine.

  • Set the boundaries

If you have kids at home or other family members living with you, you need to set a few rules for them – when they can enter your workspace or contact you during your working day. This way your work won’t be suffering and you can stay more concentrated on your work tasks.

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