Be more secure with Cloud Telephony: cloud-based telephone systems offer an increased level of security to their users, whether it is a hosted VoIP system or a Unified Communication solution (UC).

Cloud telephony has a lot of advantages compared to traditional telephone systems, yet many businesses are holding back from switching to a modern way of communication. Since the cloud-based system uses the Internet to transmit the calls, many believe that it is not secure.

All typical security frauds can be easily prevented with the cloud system. Your data is securely encrypted, meaning that no one would understand important information if they got hold of it.

With the cloud-based telephone system, all your data is stored at the premises of your provider, meaning that the level of security is much higher, as providers use stronger protocols.

There are several protection programmes against hackers and viruses, used by telecom providers to protect their customers, so you can have peace of mind.

We are proud partners of Wildix, the first solution that is Secure by design. Traditional PBXs and UC&Cs require the addition of SBC and VPN infrastructures to work remotely: they are barriers that protect your system from cyberattacks and external viruses. SBCs and VPNs are not included in the traditional PBX package you purchase and require constant maintenance and attention, otherwise, your data is in danger. You will end up spending more and still expose yourself to high risk: a failure to update these infrastructures can bring you million-dollar damage. Would you feel safe knowing you are buying a PBX that needs additional, expensive applications to be safe? Your PBX must be inherently safe without needing additional infrastructure. Wildix is secure by design: it does not need external SBCS or VPNS: Voice and data are always protected because it is created with a native encryption system.

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