Communication challenges in Remote and Hybrid workspace could be very difficult for businesses. Nowadays, more than 60% of businesses have employees working from home full-time at least a few times a week. So, one of the main questions is how can you effectively communicate with team members, when you are based at home?

It’s important to spot communications problems early so they can’t affect employees’ daily activity or customers’ experience and satisfaction.

  • Lack of team interactions and trust

One of the top challenges in the remote workspace is team building and establishing trust in the colleagues’ relationships. It’s not an easy task, especially in a big enterprise, with many teams working remotely and never meeting each other offline.

That’s why regular team building meetings over Zoom, online events such as master classes or quizzes, and online events are must-haves in the remote team calendar.

However, it’s important to create an opportunity for spontaneous communication between staff. This can be achieved by implementing online messaging chats or virtual offices.

  • Wrong internal communications channels

No two companies are the same and so should their internal communication channels. From the business side to the way the company operates, everything could be a crucial point for choosing the right communication system.

Relying on one type of communication channel, especially emails, can lead to misunderstanding and conflict, and it’s hard to spot the tone of voice through written messages.

That’s why it’s important to give staff a choice of communication solutions.

  • Technology issues

Remote working workspace relies 100% on technology, and any technical issues become the most challenging to resolve.

A stable and reliable internet connection is a must-have for any remote worker, as the whole communication system, including emails, Cloud-based telephone system, and online tools, depends on it. Unstable broadband can become a big problem, cost your business customers and, as a result, loss in profit.

Choosing the right telephone system is also an important step. There is a wide range of telephone systems for remote work on the market, depending on business requirements.

Correctly chosen telephone system can benefit your business, increase employee productivity, and improve customer experience. We at Touch Blue can help you choose the best solution for your business. We work with the leading technology providers in the world to ensure we deliver a bespoke, industry-leading voice & data platform. We use our expertise, experience & buying power to offer the very best technology to our customers, giving you peace of mind that a Touch Blue solution will be robust & grow with your business.

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