It’s not a secret that the Christmas period is the busiest time for most businesses, no matter if it’s a supermarket chain or a small private craft gifts shop. The sudden rush of volume of calls can become overwhelming, and it is essential to prepare in advance so everything goes smoothly.

Call management

More customers mean busy telephone lines and customer service. It is essential to have a reliable telephone system, which can handle a high volume of calls. VoIP systems can help your business stay on top of the calls, redirecting customers to different departments and even different locations.

This makes contacting the customer service team easy, businesses can continue to help their customers during Christmas time. VoIP system also could be a great backup plan in case your team has to work from home in case of snow, heavy traffic or seasonal colds.

On hold messaging

When using the VoIP telephone system, businesses can record their own on-hold message. Whilst customers are in the queue, they can find more information about Christmas working hours, and the last delivery date; you can also thank them for their continuous support this year and wish to send Christmas wishes from the business.

Hybrid and remote working

Christmas break is a time when one wants to be with their family, regarding of working circumstances. The hybrid model gives an opportunity for the staff to work from home, ensuring the business still operating and offering customer support, whilst creating a comfortable environment for the employees. Remote working over the festive period makes a great work-life balance and keeps employees happy.

Stay connected by planning ahead

Many businesses are closed for the festive period, and it could influence your services. Everything from taking payments and receiving orders, to customer services over the telephone or instant messaging, is relying on the Broadband. It is essential to have a backup plan for broadband, for example, as it is a crucial base for all the operations, and could bring a huge disruption to the working process.

We at Touch Blue ensure that our customers are 100% covered during the busiest festive period. Our on-call and help desk engineers are there for all urgent enquiries to keep businesses operating as usual.