x-bees from Wildix

x-bees from Wildix In B2B sales, it normally takes a while to win that new contract. But when prospects ignore your messages, or when all the necessary decision makers seem impossible to reach, you need a tool that helps your sales team provide sticky communications on every call. x-bees is the customer communication management solution … Read More

Wildix Products from Touch Blue

Since 2005, Wildix has been helping companies grow their businesses through UC&C with the first web-based UC&C system.   Wildix offers hardware products that are perfectly integrated with all system features: video conference, chat, presence, attendant console and much more. Using Wildix, companies see significant cost savings, make their processes leaner, and gain access to new … Read More

Be more secure with Cloud Telephony

Be more secure with Cloud Telephony: cloud-based telephone systems offer an increased level of security to their users, whether it is a hosted VoIP system or a Unified Communication solution (UC). Cloud telephony has a lot of advantages compared to traditional telephone systems, yet many businesses are holding back from switching to a modern way … Read More

Are your business communications secure?

Are your business communications secure? Every business needs to make sure that their communications have a top level of security. With the technology moving fast, cybersecurity became paramount to businesses. Security software is critical for businesses and individuals that use computers and digital devices to store and process sensitive information such as financial records, personal … Read More

Touch Blue is certified provider by top industry leaders

Touch Blue is certified provider by top industry leaders. We work with the leading technology providers in the world to ensure we deliver a bespoke, industry-leading voice & data platform. Using our expertise, experience & buying power to offer the very best technology to our customers, giving you peace of mind that a Touch Blue … Read More

The official partnership with Wildix

Touch Blue is happy to announce the official partnership with Wildix, the first sales-oriented Unified Communication solution. To mark that occasion we got a massive delivery from Wildix full of the latest communication equipment along with some incredible backpacks and books. We are very excited about this and can’t wait for everything that awaits us … Read More