With most of the employees working from home, your communication system has to perform excellently. If your business relies on the VoIP system and there are issues such as dropped calls, poor quality sound or delays, you need to monitor your VoIP Network.

1. Set up a good monitoring software. It can be based in-house or in the cloud and can monitor data generated by VoIP activity and produce information about calls.

2. Check the Internet connection; VoIP traffic supposed to has a priority.

3. When the calls are transferred through the Internet, they are compressed, digitised and made into packets. The formula used to do this is called a Codec. If you are using the wrong Codec, it can lead to poor sound quality and delays.

4. Sometimes the VoIP problem can be external. Monitor Internet provider if you are doubting about internal issues. Regular checks can help run the system safe and provide great performance.

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