In the past years, most of the businesses switched to the VoIP system because of its features. They are now presented with options among others to improve their presence and reduce costs.

  1. Business scale

If you are using VoIP systems, your business can look larger than it is. For example, extension numbers for sale, customer service and etc be automatically forwarded to a single extension number. It looks like a company has a lot of departments when in reality it`s not.

2. Cost reductions

The traditional telephone system is location based. This means that all the extensions numbers tied to the location. The ability to restrict calls was linked to the physical device. The VoIP system becomes person based. All you need to have for work is login details for the system. You can work from anywhere and reduce the cost of business.

  1. Customer Support

The VoIP system can be integrated with the CRM (customer relationship management) software. This means that when the customer is calling, the operator will see the customer`s data on the desktop screen and can use it in the conversation. For example, answer <Good afternoon, ‘customer name’>, will make customer service more personal.

  1. Automated Call Handling

The use of calling, hunting and auto-forwarding groups maintained by the VoIP system will increase the chance for the customer to reach you. There is nothing worse for customers than waiting for a phone answer or being transferred from extension to extension.

Although they are quite the same, there is a small difference between these groups. A calling group allows anyone in the group to pick up the phone. The hunting group automatically passes the call after a certain time.  Auto-forwarding groups are best for the customer support: when customers are calling, it forwards their calls to the duty manager, for example.