The excellent communication system is key to the business`s success. But sometimes your telephone system can be one of the reasons why the business isn’t productive. We created a list of the signs you need to upgrade the telephone system now.

  1. Landline and mobile aren’t integrated

When using both mobile and landline for your business, you get two of everything: bills, voice mails and etc. If you integrate two communication services together it can have a huge impact on your business. For example, you can take office calls when you are working from home, deal with extensions from mobile or landline and get one, clear bill.

  1. Can`t add new user

When you hire a new employee, you have to give them a new phone number. Unfortunately, it can be impossible with the traditional telephone line: they have limited users for service. If it happens to you a lot, it`s time to think about switching to the VoIP system. This system is serviced through the network connection, which means you can scale your business as wide as you would like, and it`s not going to take days or weeks.

  1. High fax prices

Nowadays only a small percentage of companies are using fax. Fax lines are expensive and it also costs a lot to maintain the fax machine. If you switch to a VoIP system, you can set up a dedicated fax number and email, which means all the faxes will come straight to your computer. It will reduce costs for the business and also make faxing safer.

  1. Multiple locations for one business

If your company has more than one location, you would suggest having a new telephone system for each office. But it`s extremely expensive and hard to maintain. A cloud-based system can host several locations in one telephone system, which will suit businesses with different departments.

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