When you are trying to adapt to remote work, conference calls become a big part of your daily work. Although they are very convenient when you can`t meet in the office with your colleagues, you have to make them productive as much as real-life meetings. There are some tips to help you get used to a new reality.

Introduce every colleague on the call

When you don`t see the people you are speaking to, it`s hard to recognise everybody, especially if you weren`t introduced before. Make sure that before the conference meeting starts, you introduce all the participants.

Stick to the meeting subject

In the real-time meeting, it`s easy to go far from the topic and spend all the time discussing things that were unnecessary. In the conference call, it`s even easier to do. Try to stay on topic, discuss the most important projects first, and then if you still have time, chat about additional tasks.

Set up the time limit

Before the meeting, set up the time limit and try to watch the clock, while speaking to the colleagues. It`s important to respect everyone`s time – make sure that everybody does the same.

Use the right tools

Use screen sharing applications to make sure everyone is getting the message. You can use the OneDrive or Google Disk, but you never know, if your colleagues are on the same page or even the same document. Screen sharing application makes easy for everyone to be on the same topic, and, as follows, to have a more constructive meeting. If you have to do a presentation, use a lot of visual content to deliver the message to the audience as clear as you can.