Nowadays businesses have a lot of different ways of communication to choose from: instant messaging, video calls and conferences, emails, social media and etc. It depends on the nature of the business, which way of communication they prefer. However, the telephone call still one of the most popular ways of connection between the business and the customer. And here are some reasons why.


One of the main reasons why phone calls still so popular is that the telephone is easy to use and everybody knows how to use it. It can be hard to keep update with the new communications methods, which requires a fast internet connection, the right programs or apps, and equipment. When using the telephone system you can easily reach the person you need.

2. Speed

The phone calls are often faster than exchanging emails. Also, sometimes the meaning of the subject can get lost in the email, which slows down the working process. On the telephone call, you can clarify the information there and then. If you require an immediate answer, the phone call is the best way to do it.

3. Personal touch

In the time of computers and machines, people are searching for human interaction. The telephone call can add a human touch to your customer service, so it feels more personal and caring.

4. Price

Telephone system technology are developing every day, giving more options to your business. If you consider the traditional telephone system is to be too expensive to use, think about the VoIP system. It has a lot of features, such as making a calls to different countries for a very reasonable price.