The business needs to have a stable phone system. Nowadays, companies can have all their systems tied together. Find out, how integrating a telephone system with any other business system can help your company.

Using a lot of different systems in business creates delays. While customers are waiting, staff may need to open several applications to find the information they need. But even then, they could transfer the customer to another call operator. IMAGINE, if you could have all of the information on one screen?

  1. If you integrate a phone system with your customer relationship management (CRM), then you will be able to indefinite customers just with their phone numbers. When the customer is calling, on the screen you will be able to see their name and all additional information. Sounds like a dream?
  2. Whenever there are ques for the sales or support line, you have to transfer calls to your colleagues. If your system can read information from employee calendars, you instantly know who is available. Being able to put a sales call through immediately means a lot when you are on the market.
  3. Another good idea, simple but important, is that all your employees have to stay connected. So whenever a colleague is late or has a doctor’s appointment, it doesn`t affect your business. A good unified communications system should be able to do so. This also means that employees can work from home because they have access to company documents and other information.
  4. One of the surprising benefits of a unified telephone system is its influence on the bank account. It can start growing! Simply because when the customer is calling in, you can see if they have any unpaid bills. You can ask them to pay the bill and even transfer them to finance with just one click.
  5. In business, good customer service means everything. So when you are on a phone call, to make sure the customer is happy you can ask about local weather or news relevant to them. With integrated web-based information, you would be able to see it all on one single screen.
  6. In the modern world information is real power, that can change the way your business is done. Don`t miss the chance of using it

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