Upgrading your telephone system can boost the company’s sales, save money and time and improve customer service.

A traditional telephone system was created in the ’80s and works now exactly the same as it did 30 years ago. But the technology moves forward, bringing better communication experiences and even saving your money.

The old phone system is expensive to maintain, and it has a high monthly charge. While your business will grow, the telephone system is going to hold you back. On the other hand, modern phone systems have a lot of useful features, such as call recording, advertising on the hold, data connection and etc.

For example, if you are using both mobile and landline phones for your business, you get two of everything: bills, voice mails and etc. Integrating two communication services together with a modern telephone system can have a huge impact on a business. Users can take office calls when working from home, deal with extensions from mobile or landline and get one, clear bill.

If a company has more than one site, there has to be a new telephone system for each one. But it`s extremely expensive and hard to maintain. A modern cloud-based system can host several locations in one telephone system, which will suit businesses with different departments.

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