Network design is one of the Touch Blue’s speciality areas: providing solutions that are tailored to your business. Our skilled staff is prepared to develop, install, and maintain reliable and effective network infrastructures for any size business, expanding company, or huge organisation.

Our networking services start with a thorough examination of your company’s needs and goals. Together with you, our knowledgeable experts will determine your unique demands and create a network architecture that supports them. In order to establish a network architecture that is specifically tailored to your needs and optimises your operations, we consider variables like scalability, security, performance, and dependability.

Our network design and architecture services include:

  • Assessment and Planning

We provide a thorough evaluation of your current network infrastructure, identifying potential areas for development. We create a strategy plan to improve your network based on this assessment to make sure it meets your current and future needs.

  • Topology Design

By considering elements like network segmentation, routing protocols, traffic prioritisation, and redundancy, our team builds the network topology. Our goal is to design a durable and scalable architecture that maximises network effectiveness.

  • Security Integration

Every network infrastructure must prioritise security. To safeguard your data and network resources from unauthorised access and online threats, we implement strong security measures including firewalls, intrusion detection systems, access controls, and virtual private networks (VPNs).

  • Performance Optimization

By applying Quality of Service (QoS) approaches, bandwidth control, and traffic shaping tactics, we enhance the performance of your network. This guarantees a seamless and uninterrupted user experience by giving precedence to key apps and services.

Our knowledgeable specialists go on to the implementation and configuration step when the network design is complete. We deploy your network infrastructure effectively and with the least amount of downtime possible by utilising industry best practises and cutting-edge technologies.

Our network implementation and configuration services include:

  • Hardware Installation
  • Network Configuration
  • Wireless Network Deployment
  • Testing and Optimisation

Contact us today to discuss your networking service requirements and let us help you design, implement, and maintain a robust network infrastructure tailored to your specific needs.