Why choose Wildix for your business communications? Touch Blue recently formed a partnership with Wildix. Since 2005, Wildix has been helping companies grow their businesses through UC&C with the first web-based UC&C system. Wildix offers hardware products that are perfectly integrated with all system features: video conference, chat, presence, attendant console, and much more. Using Wildix, companies see significant cost savings, make their processes leaner, and gain access to new business tools, guaranteeing a positive ROI.


Browser-based UC&C: user-friendly software: An engaging user experience for businesses and customers.

Website Chat

WebRTC Kite: the first WebRTC solution fully integrated into a UC platform: Offer the best customer service over the web.


The complete hardware solution: The best choice for system integrators and IT managers

Wildix does not work with distributors, but rather with a network of certified regional business partners. That is because the value of the product is fed by the professionalism of our selected installers, who help the customer in the growth of their business.

Future of the meetings

Wildix believes the demand for flexible work models will increase, and its mission is to provide enterprises with the most effective and efficient possible digital solutions to match this vision. They conceive of the future of work as a state wherein virtual meetings are as simple to initiate and attend as meetings hosted in an office, and in which virtual meetings are even more effective at generating profitable results than traditional conferences.

More Sales – Up to a 52% Increase 

Wildix is the first vendor to have designed and created solutions to address the needs of all companies, specifically, increasing revenue by acquiring new customers and winning more deals. This result of generating profits by leveraging the communications system comes through the system’s benefits to end-customers, as Wildix provides them with a powerful connector between the internet and their communications system: Wildix WebRTC Kite, a new way to reach out to visitors and convert them into leads and customers. Thanks to this connector based on WebRTC technology, Wildix can guarantee up to a 52% increase in sales.

More Efficiency – Up to 25% Saved Time 

Wildix supports companies in reducing routine time-consuming activities when communicating with colleagues and customers. Contacting people within the company and reaching out to prospects can needlessly take time away from more strategic and profitable activities. The unified communications system by Wildix is designed to reduce time-wasting operations thanks to x-bees and its integrations, everything a company needs for communicating is provided through one single user-friendly interface.

100% Security

To guarantee a system that is secure while also being easy to maintain and use, every Wildix system is built with a fully secure-by-design architecture. Rather than make use of external SBCs or VPNs (which complicate the process of accessing remote systems, increase bandwidth use, and require additional IT upkeep and assistance), Wildix implements sophisticated encryption powered by TLS 1.2 and SRTP to automatically prevent eavesdropping or hacking. The Wildix system also features strong password requirements for users, including 2FA. For additional protection, the system leverages the inherent security of WebRTC, which establishes direct peer-to-peer connections and is updated automatically with browser updates.

Source Wildix. To find out more about Wildix, please contact our Sales team!