A VoIP system gives you everything a traditional phone system does, but with one crucial difference: it is hosted in the cloud.

A cloud-based phone system gives you much more flexibility because you can take calls from your computer and your mobile. For anyone considering running VoIP, there is an extensive range of add-ons for the systems which enable us to tailor your system to your specific requirements. Here are 5 Hosted phone system features Touch Blue loves:

  • Cost-savings

The cloud-based solutions are much cheaper than traditional telephony. VoIP system offers cost-saving options when it comes to maintenance – you do not have to contact your provider every time a fault pops up. Most of the common errors could be fixed by the IT team. Also, you could still use all the hardware and do not need to spend money on new ones when upgrading to the cloud system.

  • Easy installation

Before the setup of the telephone system used to be long and expensive – engineers have to visit the site and a lot of physical work was going on. Luckily, a Cloud-based system is easy to install – you can do it online with no extra cost.

  • Flexibility and remote working

When your business has a remote team, cloud communications is the best solution to stay connected. You do not need to be in the office to pick up your phone – this can be done anywhere in the world from your mobile phone, laptop, or tablet. Most VoIP system providers offer software, so you can install it on any preferable device.

  • All-in-one communications

Unified Communication platforms let businesses communicate inside their companies, and outside with their customers. They integrate calls, video, instant messaging, and CRM into one service, which makes the VoIP system an irreplaceable tool for modern business communications.

  • Better security

With a cloud-based system, businesses can have peace of mind about cybersecurity and data protection. Modern VoIP systems have extra layers of protection against fraud and hackers, alongside strong encryption to ensure your business calls can not be interrupted.

As one of the UK’s leading VoIP phone service providers, Touch Blue’s Hosted VoIP solution is suitable for all businesses, regardless of any size and scale or number of sites; from standalone homeworkers to multiple site networks.

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