The PSTN switch-off is the process of shutting down the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN), which is the traditional copper-based telephone network. The PSTN is being replaced by a new digital network called Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). The PSTN switch-off is scheduled to take place in the UK in December 2025. This means that businesses that currently use PSTN-based services, such as landlines and ISDN lines, will need to switch to a new digital solution by that date.

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The PSTN switch-off has a huge impact on any services which rely on the copper line, including telephony and broadband, so you need to know how it will affect your business way ahead. If you still rely on traditional telephone lines, it’s time to transition to SIP Trunking, which, has a lot of benefits.

What you don’t want is to wait until 2025 and then rush the migration process, with many businesses doing the same. Likely, there is still time to take an opportunity to replace your copper lines and find a telecommunication provider, who would suggest the best solution for your business needs, such as Touch Blue.Get in touch with our Customer Support team to discuss your options and we will find the best possible solution for you.