Business communications are a vital part of customer experience, and the telephone system plays an important role. So how can Cloud telephony be used as a tool to improve your customer experience?

  1. Reachability With Cloud telephony, customers can reach your stuff no matter where they are in the world, anytime. It can direct office calls to staff mobile phones, ensuring customers can reach support 100% of the time.

By integrating your CRM system and Outlook, you can track customers’ call history and stay on track if they had any requirements before or pull out any necessary information. That helps to create a trusted environment, where customers can be sure they will get support without the need to repeat the same queries again and again.

  1. Team productivity

Employee productivity is increasing as customer records merge with the call history to improve sales and help reach the right leads. Teamwork becomes easy to organise with video meetings, instant messaging, and desktop sharing, meaning that the team always stays connected. Cloud telephony brings peace of mind with extra security, so staff can use public Wi-Fi and feel safe.

  1. Calls feature

The cloud telephone system has a lot of powerful telephone features, available in most solutions as a standard pack. For example, the Auto Attendant feature connects customer with the appropriate department or customer support assistant, based on the customer’s input to the provided menu options. This feature improves customer experience as customers can reach the right person quickly and easily.

Call recording is yet another helpful feature of a Cloud-based telephone system. To improve their customer service, businesses can use recorded calls to determine the weakest points in conversations and train staff for future calls.

If you considering moving your business telephony to a Cloud-based system and improving your customer experience, contact Touch Blue today and our team will help you choose the best solution for your business.