The hosted telephone system is the future of business communications. If businesses had a choice between traditional telephone systems and hosted/VoIP solutions, by December 2025 every company would need to migrate to modern solutions due to ISDN lines switch-off. Likely, with a hosted telephone system users can enjoy all the features of the traditional telephone system without paying for expensive hardware or maintenance. So how can businesses get the best out of their Hosted telephone system?

First, find out which telephone system your business requires. Depending on company needs, you can choose from the Cloud-telephone system or SIP trunking. You can read more about the difference between the two in our blog.

How does a hosted telephone system work? Cloud-based telephone system allows users to communicate internally and externally through an internet connection.

  1. A monthly charge applies for access to the provider’s hosted-phone system;
  2. When the business receives an incoming call, it goes to your provider, which turns voice data into digital information and gets transmitted to you thought an Internet connection.

There are a lot of additional benefits with a Hosted telephone system, apart from the telephony side.

  • Lower costs

One of the primal advantages of a Hosted telephone system is the low costs of maintenance and installation

  • Easy installation and set-up

Installation of the Hosted telephone solution is entirely online, meaning there is no disruption of the working process and no additional hardware and cables required.

  • Work from anywhere

You probably heard that before, but this feature is one of the reasons VoIP systems have become so popular in recent years. Hosted telephone solution gives its users the possibility to make and receive calls, as well as access any other features anywhere with an internet connection.

  • Reliability

The traditional telephone system relies on the copper cabling infrastructure, which makes it harder to maintain, and they also nearing the end-of-life date. VoIP system uses a stable and reliable internet connection for call management and lowers the chance of communications interruption and long repair times.

If you thinking of migrating to a Hosted telephone system, Touch Blue can help you tailor the system to your business requirements. We are partners with the best VoIP and UCaaS solutions providers. We use our expertise, experience & buying power to offer the very best technology to our customers, giving you peace of mind that a Touch Blue solution will be robust & grow with your business.