Calls handling while working from home relies on the right technology most of the time. And, in the case of desktop software and applications, there is no difference if you are based at the office or at home, when it comes to the telephone system it’s a bit more complicated. How can you organise call handling and managing so customers don’t notice the difference?

Desk phone

A lot of users still prefer to have a desk phone as a traditional way of call handling. If your company has a Cloud telephone system, you can take the desktop phone with you to use at the home office. As long as there is a reliable internet connection and a power supply, you should be all set for receiving and making calls, just like in the office.


A softphone is a software application, that converts your desktop or laptop to the phone. When the call comes in, users are able to answer it on their device. It would give users the same options as a traditional handset – to transfer the call, to mute, to put it on hold etc. For the best experience, it’s advised to use a softphone with a compatible headset, to reduce any background noise.

Mobile applications 

Nowadays you have to be mobile a lot. Businesses cannot afford to miss a call if their employee travelling on the train or have to get out of the house in an emergency. Mobile applications allow you to use a smartphone as your “desktop phone on the go”. It uses Wi-Fi or a mobile phone’s cellular data and has all the same functions as a softphone. This option is ideal for when you are out and about and want to take work.

Call diversion

An easy and quick way to start managing calls at home is to set up a call diversion from your office phone to your mobile or landline at home. But this solution is a good choose for a short period of time, with no new software or any extra hardware requirements. However, in the long term, we recommend setting up one of the systems above for the best experience.

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