UCaaS vs. CCaaS – What is the difference? They can look similar, but there are a few differences between the two of them.

UCaaS transcribes as Unified Communications as a Service. In general, it brings all internal business communications into one single solution. This platform is cloud-based, and ideal for businesses who are looking to improve employee productivity and customer service. Since Unified Communications unites all software into one platform, employees save a lot of time not switching between different applications back and forwards. Also, being a cloud-based solution, UCaaS are naturally scalable, meaning it is a perfect choice for startups or companies looking to expand their business.

On the other side, CCaaS transcribes as Contact Centre as a Service. It is also a cloud-based solution, but the main aim of CCaaS is managing customer interactions across multiple channels. This is where the difference starts between UCaaS and CCaaS. This solution prioritises the customer experience and helps to provide tailored support to each customer, thanks to its wide number of customer-aimed features, such as intelligent routing, real-time monitoring, and analytics. CCaaS systems are essential for a business that is competing in an increasingly crowded marketplace.

The difference between the two systems is easier to spot now. UCaaS is all about collaboration and is designed primarily for internal communications. With more than 40% workforce working remotely, UCaaS becomes a must-have for any business, allowing employees to communicate seamlessly. With tools like video conference and online messaging, users can employ real-time collaboration and access to any necessary information from the comfort of their own homes.

With CCaaS solution focuses on customer experience rather than internal communications. A wide variety of markets means that customers have a lot of choices, and can easily change their preferred business. It’s a vital part of business communications to keep customer experience level high enough.

There is no doubt that implementing UCaaS, CCaaS or both systems is a step in the right direction in the time of the technology changes. Which system your business requires depends on the company needs. But the best practice is combining UCaaS and CCaaS solutions, meaning that both internal and external communications get the best available solution.

If you still wondering, which system suits your business, contact Touch Blue today and our customer service team can help you choose the best solution for your needs.