Benefits of Cloud Telephony for large multi-sites company

Multi-site companies don’t necessarily have offices or stores in different parts of the country, or even the world. Different sites can indicate remote workers or other department’s locations. To ensure the team performance are at the top level, business has to employ the right communication system – such ad Cloud based telephony. Add and remove … Read More

Customer experience and business telephone system

Business communications are a vital part of customer experience, and the telephone system plays an important role. So how can Cloud telephony be used as a tool to improve your customer experience? Reachability With Cloud telephony, customers can reach your stuff no matter where they are in the world, anytime. It can direct office calls to … Read More

Benefits of Cloud Telephony for small business

Installing a telephone system is an important step for every company, let alone for the small business. Smaller companies, trying to compete with bigger businesses, have to use all available technologies to stay on top of the market and attract new customers. Choosing the right telephone system for business communications can help improve productivity and … Read More

Be more secure with Cloud Telephony

Be more secure with Cloud Telephony: cloud-based telephone systems offer an increased level of security to their users, whether it is a hosted VoIP system or a Unified Communication solution (UC). Cloud telephony has a lot of advantages compared to traditional telephone systems, yet many businesses are holding back from switching to a modern way … Read More