Essential VoIP Business Phone system features

Essential VoIP Business Phone system features allow its users to handle calls more efficiently, chat and message to the clients, attend virtual meetings and conference calls, and work from anywhere in the world. This telephony solution boosts productivity, team engagement and customer experience thanks to all the added features. Here are the best phone features … Read More

SIP vs. VoIP – What are the differences?

SIP vs. VoIP – What are the differences? The terms SIP and VoIP are used together in relation to telephone systems, which don’t use PSTN lines for transmitting or reserving calls. However, this is not the same thing. VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. In simpler terms, it enables voice and multimedia communications to be transmitted over the Internet. This system … Read More

The Mitel 6920 IP Phone

The Mitel 6920 IP Phone is designed for enterprise users who demand not only a modern design but also a phone that is flexible and delivers a high quality communications experience. Delivering an exceptional HD audio experience via its speech optimized handset, The Mitel 6920 IP Phone also provides a full-duplex speakerphone and support for … Read More

Key features of the Avaya J159 IP Phone

The Avaya J159 IP Phone is an IP Phone that is targeted to users who desire a small form factor on their desk, packed with lots of feature buttons, and meets the everyday voice communications needs of its users. . It features primary and secondary color displays, 4 softkeys, high definition audio quality, integrated Gigabit … Read More