The PSTN switch-off is scheduled to take place in the UK in December 2025, meaning that the PSTN is being replaced by a new digital network called Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). Understanding how these new systems are working is crucial for every business, that is looking to migrate to the Cloud telephony.

What is SIP trunking?SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) trunking is an excellent option for businesses seeking to leverage their existing IP infrastructure while enjoying the benefits of VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) communication. SIP stands for Session Initiation Protocol and is a way of making connections for data transfers over the Internet. The word trunking refers to a link between PBX and a phone network, using an Internet connection. With ISDN lines being switched off, SIP trunking becomes the industry standard for connecting phones over the internet.

Touch Blue’s SIP trunking services provide a flexible and cost-effective solution for integrating voice services into your IP-based network.

Advantages of our SIP trunking services:

Cost Efficiency

By leveraging your existing IP infrastructure, SIP trunking allows you to reduce costs associated with traditional phone lines. You can consolidate your voice and data traffic, optimising your network resources and saving on telecommunications expenses.

Business Agility

SIP trunking enables the integration of voice, video, and data services over a single IP connection. This integration enhances your communication capabilities and improves collaboration across your organisation, contributing to increased business agility.


With SIP trunking, you can easily scale your voice services to accommodate business growth. Adding or removing channels is a straightforward process, giving you the flexibility to adjust your capacity as needed.

Geographical Flexibility

With SIP trunking, you can establish a local presence in different geographical locations by acquiring virtual phone numbers. This allows you to expand your business footprint and serve customers in various regions without physical infrastructure investments.

At Touch Blue, we are committed to delivering reliable and innovative voice services to meet the unique needs of your business. Whether you choose our on-premise solutions, hosted services, or SIP trunking, you can trust us to provide a seamless and cost-effective voice communication experience.

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