The overarching focus on price meant e-commerce has become a major part of the retail experience, but some things it can’t replace: a great customized in-store experience and instant access to products. Yet plenty of day-to-day issues hold shops back. The solution is x-hoppers — the complete retail headset system that connects store associates and increases in-store conversions. Police records show that shoplifting offences in England and Wales have reached the highest level in two decades. In light of this concerning data, it is now more crucial than ever to be alerted in case of theft. With the help of x-hoppers AI detective feature, you can reduce shrinkage by up to 60% and ensure the safety of your staff.

Instant Customer Alerts and Robust  Retail Store Analytics


Answer inquiries, instantly

With x-hoppers, employees can contact colleagues right away to give customers accurate information on inventory, policies or any other request.

Immediate security alerts

When shop assistants are in constant communication, your store gets an instant security solution. Employees plugged into x‑hoppers can instantly report potential threats to maintain safety.

Theft prevention & reporting

Amplify retail security systems with constant retail in-store communication. Using x‑hoppers, employees can report witnessed or suspected shoplifting right away to more consistently reduce shrinkage.

AI-powered answers

When you have an AI Coach integrated into your x‑hoppers solution, you can drive training and support by having all the answers at your fingertips. Deliver instant knowledge about every product, from ingredients or functions to stock levels with a simple spoken question.


Would you like to transform your in-store experience and stay ahead of the competition? Touch Blue is in a partnership with Wildix, meaning that we can offer x-hoppers directly to your business

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