Telephone systems for retail

Nowadays the retailer’s market is one of the most competitive markets. Customers have a lot of choices and can be very selective. Usually, if they like the product, store, they will stick with this brand for a long time. That’s why you don’t want to lose any customers as they might never return to your … Read More

History of the telephone: infographic

We can`t imagine our life without phone: no matter where you are, at home or at work, you can always communicate with other people. In the past years, technology developed a lot of additional functions for the phone, from the internet on the smartphone to the voice recording and data connection on the office telephone. … Read More

The real cost of the phone system

Do you use a traditional phone system for your business and notice a lot of missing calls? Could they become sales and bring you more income? A traditional telephone system was created in the ’80s and works now exactly the same as it did 30 years ago. But the technology moves forward, bringing better communication … Read More

How to transfer your business phone number to VoIP?

As one of the UK’s leading VoIP phone service providers, Touch Blue’s Hosted VoIP solution is suitable for all businesses, regardless of any size and scale or the number of sites; from standalone homeworkers to multiple site networks. Where there are multiple sites, ethernet circuits ensure call quality and security. A lot of businesses are … Read More

Why do you need to re-envision your telephone system?

The business needs to have a stable phone system. Nowadays, companies can have all their systems tied together. Find out, how integrating a telephone system with any other business system can help your company. Using a lot of different systems in business creates delays. While customers are waiting, staff may need to open several applications … Read More

Phone system for a small business

Starting a small business can be very stressful. One more thing you need to worry about is a phone system. There is a huge variety of TeleSystems for every business needs. But how to choose the right one for you? The key features for a small business are a little different from the giant companies. … Read More